Betsy Pullen

Booth iGalen
I am a retired health and physical education and adapted p.e. teacher from VA, having taught for 26 years. I have also been involved in the wellness industry for 18 years, educating individuals about healthy, all-natural products and means for living longer, stronger and healthier lives. iGalen products are about managing carbohydrates, reducing/eliminating inflammation from the body and increasing stem cell production to help repair the body and prevent degenerative disease.
If you have challenges with cravings, weight control, sore and achy joints, or low energy levels, please check your participant bags for my brochure and stop by my exhibit to see the products and do a taste test on our Klamax. Also take the time to sign up for a free bottle of product, two names will be drawn at the end of the exhibition time, one for each of the products...you do not need to be present to win.